Friday, December 18, 2009

Don’t Let The Vampires Suck You In…Let PRESSfish!

Yes we know, Twilight has made quite a name for itself, but so has PRESSfish. Have you heard of all the new features added to the website? If not you definitely need to check them out to handle all of your marketing needs.

Many consumers consider email marketing messages to be “spam”. As a result, if not conducted carefully, email marketing messages and campaigns can have a negative effect on a company’s brand or image. The primary reason this occurred is that too many business and spammers rely on purchased email contact lists from less than reputable list providers. Instead of sending out thousands of email messages to an untargeted lists, small and home businesses have better success sending email newlsetters to their customers and selected prospects. Additionally, regulations make it mandatory for email marketers to provide the ability for message recipients to easily opt out of the mailing list.

PRESSfish Will Guarantee That These Problems Will NEVER Arise

We believe that email marketing should be easy—that’s why we designed and built PRESSfish from the ground up. It contains the powerful features you need, while keeping the process simple enough for those of us without a degree in rocket science. The end result is an enjoyable experience that allows you to effectively craft permission-based email marketing campaigns with high deliverability. With PRESSfish you can have the piece of mind that your email marketing is problem-free and reliable.

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